Fresh Fork Market: Week 5

Yesterday I made the 15 minute journey to my local Fresh Fork Market pick-up location (in a local church parking lot) to get my 5th FFM bag of fresh, locally-produced food. My 13-year old daughter comes along with me to make sure I also pick up some extra treats from the items offered on the tables outside the truck.  Shopping with Fresh Fork Market is a fun experience. Yesterday I came home with fresh-picked black raspberries and some gorgeous red tomatoes along with my expected order. I will take a picture of the pick-up location and truck next week so you can see the enjoyable setting FFM provides for this kind of grocery shopping.

???????????????????????????????My FFM bag contained a few more familiar items this week, but I am still challenged to try some new recipes. I hope to turn that lovely head of cabbage into a cole slaw using the recipe provided on the FFM blog. The bunch of fresh kale provides opportunity for me to try kale chips this week. The fresh beets will soon be pickled and canned, our favorite way to eat these.   I see some cheeseburgers in our future, using the ground beef, with a slice of that candy onion and the fresh lettuce leaves on top. Add some grilled yellow squash and crisp cucumber slices and you have a great Independence Day feast!  I hope to pick up some strawberries and combine it with those fresh local blueberries to top it all off with a delicious patriotic dessert.


I did order a few add-ons this week, though not as many. After I picked up my FFM bag last week,  we left town for a brief ???????????????????????????????vacation/reunion with friends. Another great benefit of FFM food – it is SO fresh I find it lasts much longer than grocery store produce.  I stored the greens and froze the meat from last week before I left. Yesterday we ate last week’s cauliflower, steamed, and it was delicious. I froze the bratwurst from last week and will enjoy it sometime this week. Even the remaining strawberries were still fresh enough to slice and serve with the Snowville Creamery yogurt, topped with the Krispie Treat granola from Stutzman Farms (my new favorite breakfast combination). This week I also brought home a pizza dough ball and  roasted cherry tomatoes for pizza topping, a quick meal for a busy weekend.  The Ohio City Pasta linguini is roasted red pepper flavor – cannot wait to try this one! You can see the black raspberries on the right in the picture. I hope to add  red raspberries from my backyard garden to these and make a raspberry sorbet in my ice cream maker. I will let you know how that goes!

Happy July 4th weekend as we celebrate Independence Day in the United States – what a great and awesome gift to live in a country where we enjoy freedoms many in the world only dream of.  Thank you to all those who have sacrificed to make this freedom possible – may we never take it for granted!

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